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Get Your Product Certified in India

China has grown as a manufacturing hub in recent years. Most small and large companies, both online and offline, prefer to manufacture or import their products from China because of the low manufacturing costs and wide range of options. Requirements for setting up an enterprise vary from country to country.


Getting the required documents from the government is crucial for setting up a business. But the real challenge comes in getting the BIS certificate for the product. Without a BIS certificate for Chinese manufacturers, exporting the product from China is impossible. 


We are the pioneer with a difference: 

EVTL India, an India-based consultancy, helps companies getcertification/registration/approval from various Indian government departments and agencies.We are the most affordable consulting service provider offering you the best consultancy for the Certification of your products. We have been working with leading with importers and Manufacture.


If you looking to import a product manufactured in out side India which is covered  and sell it in Indian market, you need a BIS certificate (Basic Importing Scrutiny). We are a team of professionals who understand how to get a BIS certificate hassle-free. 


EVTL India, the leading firm from India that offers assistance in obtaining the necessary Certification for your product, is backed by our expert panel of consulting engineers and industrial experts.



Why we are the best in the industry:

  • Track record: Our consultants have extensive experience working with government officials and a proven track record of securing approvals for our clients.
  • Affordable: We help companies to get certificates from many government departments at an affordable cost.
  • Expertise and reputation: We have expertise and reputation in consultation over the Certification process.
  • File Submission: You can submit your documents to the BIS directly, and we will hold your hand throughout the process.
  • Transparency: We are transparent about our charges and work. You can check the same on our website.
  • Licensed consultants: We have licensed consultants to assist you in the certification process.


An efficient solution: 

EVTL India is a certification consultancy that provides easy and efficient solutions for getting your BIS Certificate for Foreign Manufacture. If you're struggling with the process of getting a BIS certificate for Chinese manufacturers, we can help make it simpler and easier for you. We have a lot of experience with the process and can provide you with the support you need to get your certificate without any issues.


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