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Get a Comprehensive service for your EPR Registration with EVTL India

What is EPR? Why is EPR Registration needed?


EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility and is a concept that has been gaining traction in the manufacturing industry in recent years. It requires manufacturers to take responsibility for their products throughout their life cycle. This includes product design, manufacture, use, disposal and recycling. EPR registration and Authorization are two important steps that manufacturers need to take to comply with EPR regulations.


  • EPR registration and Authorization help manufacturers understand their products' environmental impact, identify potential associated risks, and develop strategies to reduce them.
  • Additionally, it helps them stay compliant with the latest regulations while improving their brand reputation by demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.


How do you get help from EVTL India for EPR Authorization?


EVTL India is the leading provider of guidance and assistance for EPR registration and EPR authorization. We have a team of experienced professionals knowledgeable in the latest regulations, rules, and procedures related to these registrations. We understand that this process can be confusing and time-consuming, so our team is here to help. With EVTL India's assistance, you can rest assured that your EPR registration and Authorization will be completed quickly and correctly. We have:


  • Comprehensive experience in the industrial safety sector
  • Expertise in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations
  • Ability to provide customized solutions to meet client requirements
  • Experienced and qualified staff with an in-depth understanding of the EPR registration process
  • Dedicated and professional team to ensure smooth and timely completion of the registration process
  • Prompt response to queries and concerns
  • Highly competitive pricing


Steps of the EPR Registration process with EVTL India:


We at EVTL India help businesses in the EPR registration process by providing guidance and advice on the Indian E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011. We will help identify the requirements and obligations of businesses in terms of EPR registration.


  1. Collect required documents: EVTL India will help you collect the required documents like the MSME registration certificate, GST Registration certificate, UdyogAadhar Registration certificate, etc.
  2. Validate the documents: We will validate the documents against the EPR portal to ensure the documents are valid.
  3. Fill out the online EPR Registration form: We will help you in filling the information in the online EPR Registration form accurately.
  4. Submit the EPR Registration form: We will submit the EPR Registration form with the required documents.
  5. Receive EPR Registration Certificate: After successful submission of the EPR Registration form, we will help you in receiving the EPR Registration certificate


A custom solution for your compliance needs:

Our team provides comprehensive services from start to finish, ensuring that all the necessary documents are in order before submitting them for approval. We also provide valuable advice on how to best prepare for the registration process and how to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.


We provide comprehensive guidance on compliance with environmental regulations, helping you make sure that you meet all legal requirements. Our consultants also help you create custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and ensure you get the best results from our services.

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