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EPR authorization is granted under the EPR compliance system to the importers and manufacturers of electrical equipment and products, and Plastic EPR is mandatory in India. It places responsibility on their shoulders to undertake environmentally-friendly e-waste management steps. 


Primarily, the EPR compliance system has been set up by the CPCB organization in India for the following two categories of electronic products: 

  • Information Technology and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Consumer Electricals and Electronics


Among most of the BIS consultants in India, EVTL India is a compliance certificate issuing company that can assist you efficiently with details about this procedure at a reasonable cost according to your circumstances. 


Simplifying the process: 

As plastic EPR is mandatory in India, many companies have to go through the hassle of redesigning their products after facing refusal from the approval board. Moreover, as no one knows what the approval board is looking out for unless they have gone through it themselves, most businesses scramble around at the last minute, figuring out what approvals they still need.


Our expertise lies in simplifying the process of compliance certification services to our clients to concentrate on core business. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who understand the process and help our clients with their queries at every stage.


EVTL India simplifies this process by providing all the information you may require and then some – including the small tidbits that don't apply to your industry but could be vital for someone else!


Helping you in every step in getting compliant:


EVTL India is one of the best BIS consultants in India. We are a consulting firm that offers guidance to manufacturers, importers, and exporters on India mandatory product certification regime. We aim to help companies achieve their business objectives by aiding them through the product certification procedure for products manufactured or imported into India. 


At EVTL, we believe that every company must be able to comply with the regulations of their respective industries and thus ensure the safety of their customers. Whether it BIS certification, EPR registration, or others, we help you smoothly get through these certification processes. We help you every step of the way, from your design to BIS standards - we make sure that you get to sell safe products without any hassle or extra cost!

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