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Simplifying the Process to Get ICAT Approval

As a manufacturer of transportation products, it is imperative to get your company approved by the International Center for Automatization Technologies. Well, you have come to the right place! We can do that for you because we are here to help your company get ICAT certifications at affordable pricing. But before that, lets me know briefly about the overall process of getting an ICAT certificate.


ICAT Approval:

 ICAT is the ultimate authority on vehicle testing; it was established in 2006 to offer quality automotive and non-automotive development services. The ICAT certification is the international automobile test for all kinds of vehicles. Its quality services assure the government and buyers that your vehicle is safe, reliable, and built with high-quality materials. With such a certificate, you make a durable and best product in terms of quality. 


Different types of ICAT certificates that you need to know

If you are a manufacturer of vehicles, then you need to know about the different types of ICAT that your product may require. Some of these are


Electric cycles or E-cycle are one of the most integral parts of selling electric vehicles in the EVS industry. These vehicles are sold at low prices, and that is the reason why doesn't require any driving license and other certificates.


When we think about the future of the EVS industry, e-scooters are a crucial part of the changing dynamics of transportation. Such a two-wheeler requires Approval and Certification.


E-trucks have also emerged as durable motor vehicles for carrying goods along with other vehicles. These types of vehicles also require approvals.


One more popular category in the two-wheeler EVS industry apart from Ande Scooty is e-bikes, or Electric bikes that are also becoming an integral part of the youth's future.


What type of tests is conducted in the ICAT approval process? 

There are several types of tests, and the four main ones include power tests, fuel consumption tests, mass emission tests, and general emission tests. A lubricant can be tested for each of these categories. 



The benefit of getting an ICAT certificate? 

If you are a manufacturer looking to introduce vehicles or equipment, then it is always recommended that you make sure you get ICAT Certification.

  • As a manufacturer, getting ICAT Certification for your products will give third party certification that shows your customers and buyers that your products have met international standards regarding quality control.
  • Such Certification will cover the manufacturing process from start to finish, and the initial stages of preparation before a product even arrives at your factory.



Get your ICAT certificate with EVTL India

We provide rapid ICAT Certification to different businesses from multiple industries. We have experts who will help you with the documentation needed for obtaining ICAT Approval and will ensure to shape your products in such a way as to give you an advantage over other companies that are looking to obtain it.


We can even help you with securing ICAT Certification for EVS if that is of interest to you at this time, and getting ICAT Approval should be the least of your worries. We can also help you prepare for other important things to getting ICAT Approval, regardless of whether you are looking to get an ICAT Certificate.

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