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BEE Registration

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BEE Certificate

The Government of Indian established the Bureau of energy Efficiency (BEE) in the year 2002 in accordance with the provisions of the Energy conservation Act 2001. Saving energy and cost are the main objectives of BEE. There is a list of items that has been prepared by the Government of India. These items need to have a star rating. The label representing these star ratings indicate the performance of the product with regards to energy saving. These star ratings therefore, act as a guide for the customer, who are able to choose the products which offer greater energy saving. Less energy consumption directly translates into lower electricity bills, thereby lower the cost or expense of the customers.

There are certain products which have to get the BEE registration on a mandatory basis. The rest of the electric products can get the same voluntarily. The main aim of BEE is to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve energy management and increase initiatives for energy conservation on a national level.
  • Monitor effects of energy efficiency processes and policies on a macro level.
  • Channelize funds for implementing the policies of Energy Efficiency Act.
  • Preparation and management of various programs for energy conservation.

The process for getting this registration includes two most important steps:

  • To get the products tested correctly and from the authorized labs only.
  • Collection, preparation and submission of all the required documents in the correct format.

Both of the above processes can be time consuming and a small mistake in the same can result in your application for BEE registration getting rejected.

Following steps are required:

  • Send the sample(s) and technical documentation to a lab recognised by NABL for testing to obtain the test results.
  • Gather the required documentation, register the brand on the BEE portal, and pay the security deposit cost online.
  • Deliver the application to BEE in hard form along with all enclosures, duly signed by the authorised signatory.
  • If BEE requests clarification or more details, provide them.
  • The link for model registration will be activated by BEE once the brand or company registration has been approved.
  • Fill-up the online Application Form.
  • Gather the required data and papers, then upload them to the BEE website.
  • Make the online payment of model registration fee to BEE.

Documents / information required by Testing Lab

  • Sample(s) along with user manual.
  • Copy of a factory licence that lists the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and includes the address of the manufacturing unit in both English and the original language is acceptable documentation for the manufacturing unit's legal address.
  • Copy of BIS License with validity date and showing all applied models.

Documents / information required by BEE for Brand / Company registration:

  • The cover letter.
  • A copy of the payment receipt for the online security deposit.
  • Print a copy of the online brand registration form.
  • Copy of the Trademark or Brand Registration.
  • If the production unit is not the owner of the trademark or brand, an authority letter from the owner is required.
  • MSME certificate copy (for Indian OEM only).
  • Copy of a current ISO 9001 certificate issued in the manufacturer's name and at the address listed on the firm registration form (in case of multiple manufacturing facilities, ISO of all the manufacturing facilities must be enclosed).
  • Authorized signatory letter.
  • Copy of BIS License with validity date and showing all applied models.

Documents / technical details required by BEE for model registration:

  • The cover letter.
  • A copy of the payment receipt for online model registration.
  • Print a copy of another form or an online application (s).
  • Original Approved Test Report.
  • Specimen of BEE Label.

Standard Costing 

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Standard Timeline 

For Brand Registration :  20-40 working days

For Model Registration :  20-30 working days

BEE Registration is valid for 1 years from the date of issue and it can be renewed subsequently. Few documents and fees will be needed to get renewal. (Production Data last finalncial reprot)


As of now, There are following products which needs be registered with BEE and require BEE Registration to Manufacture/Import and sell the product in the INDIAN market. Click on below listed products for more information. Call us at +91-9560 935 898/+011-49872660 Contact or Email at for more details.

BEE Products



Affirmation and Renewing - Following its initial three-year expiration, BEE Registration can be renewed. A minimal amount of paperwork and money are required for renewal.

BEE labelling confirmation consist of:

  1. Chinese OEM - Any executive of an Indian OEM or brand owner must get an authorization letter from his employer in order to be designated as an authorized signatory for BEE-related duties.
  2. Foreign OEM - It is necessary for a foreign manufacturer to designate an Indian business entity as its authorized Indian representative and signatory (AIR). This company, which is based in India, allows any Executive to become AIR.

What is BEE labeling confirmation?

  1. Submission of a BEE label sample, if necessary.
  2. BEE's approval of the specimen.
  3. The product will prominently display the logo.

  1. Submit to BEE, with proper certification from an independent Chartered Accountant, information about registered model-wise statistics of products made or imported on a quarterly basis.
  2. Make sure a registered model is offered for sale on the market for at least a year. In this time, the model cannot be withdrawn.
  3. Provide BEE with specifics about the location and availability of the model in the nation.
  4. If no production is carried out within the first six months of the license being granted, the permittee is required to revalidate and inform BEE that production has begun, at which point criterion 'c' above would be applicable. This process would continue for a maximum of three years or until the label was still valid.

  1. The tested samples must be returned within 15 days after the date the test report was issued. No claims will be considered after the lab reserves the right, in accordance with its policy, to destroy the sample after 15 days.
  2. Additionally, the sample could sustain entire or partial damage while being tested. Any claim in this regard will not be considered by Lab or Evtl India.

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BEE Registration


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