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Packaged Drinking Water (Other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water) - IS 14543

Packaged drinking water means water derived from surface water or underground water or sea water which is subjected to hereinunder specified treatments, namely, decantation, filtration, combination of filtration, aerations, filtration with membrane filter depth filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon filtration, demineralization, remineralization, reverse osmosis and packed after disinfecting the water to a level that shall not lead to any harmful contamination in the drinking water by means of chemical agents or physical methods to reduce the number of microorganisms to a level beyond scientifically accepted level for
food safety or its suitability: Provided that sea water, before being subjected to the above treatments, shall be subjected to desalination and related processes. It shall be filled in sealed containers of various compositions, forms and capacities that is suitable for direct consumption without further treatment.

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