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Navigate the Entire Process of BIS Certification with Ease

BIS Certification for electronic Toys- Why is it needed?


BIS Certification for toys is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers, as it ensures that ...

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Get Your Label BIS Approved in No Time

Are you looking for a reliable certification consultant to help you get BIS certification for your LED TV? If you need BIS Certification for your LED TV, EVTL India can help. We are a certification consultan...

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A reliable and trustworthy source for Trademark Registration

If you have a business idea, then you need a trademark. A trademark, also known as a brand name, is what a customer sees, hears, smells and feels. A trademark represents your brand, which is the difference b...

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Get Your Brand Fully Compliant With EVTL India

If your company makes products or parts that could be used in making certain materials, you must ensure that you have the proper certification. And the best way to do this is by getting a BIS certification. ...

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The Easier Way to Your Legal Metrology Certification

It's not easy to set up a business in India. There are several compliances that you have to take care of. From licenses to certifications and registrations, you need a list of clearances to start a busine...

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Frequently Asked Questions on Changeover Guidelines for Implementation of revised Standards of Lithium Batteries

A1: After the last date of implementation, can we import Batteries and Cells that comply with IS 16046:2015 as a producer outside of India?
A1: It is not permissible to import batteries or cells beyond ...

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Simplifying the Process to Get ICAT Approval

As a manufacturer of transportation products, it is imperative to get your company approved by the International Center for Automatization Technologies. Well, you have come to the r...

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